Dear Friends,
ESOINDIA functions with the motto to serve patients suffering from Diseases of Esophagus and Stomach. It functions with three important motives:

1.Offer the best care for patients with Diseases of Esophagus and stomach, especially those suffering from Esophageal cancer; Stomach Cancer; GE junction Tumours and Corrosive injuries and strictures to upper GI Tract.

2. Encourage the younger generation Doctors including medical students to do original research in ESO, and show case their work in National and International Forum, assist them to publish their work and create opportunity for them to visit Centers of Excellence across the World.

3. Creating awareness to the society about how to prevent, early warning symptoms and availability of latest treatment modalities, for Diseases of Esophagus and Stomach.

ESOINDIA regularly conducts programme on all these three areas.

The next Educational Activity of ESOINDIA is the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ESOPHAGUS AND STOMACH- ICES INDIA 2018 which is to be held on 16th and 17th of June 2018, Saturday and Sunday. The team is also planning a pre-conference workshop on 15th June 2018, Friday. The main aim of the conference is to “Bring out the best “, from everybody doing upper GI work whether they work in urban, semi urban or rural area; in corporate sector or Government sector from consultant to medical student. It is an attempt to bring all specialists together; Medical & surgical gastroenterology, General surgeon with Upper GI interest, Oncologist, Pathologist and Palliative care physician.

The unique features of the conference are:

  • Anybody can show case their work in the following categories- Rare and interesting: Complex situations, Complications, Innovations and original research.
  • Presentation can be done under the categories of: Full consultant / Super speciality post graduates / Post graduates doing Masters in medicine and surgery / under graduate medical students.
  • All accepted presentations will be presented either as oral or as video- creating opportunity for everybody to have podium presentation.
  • All accepted abstracts will be published as proceedings of the conference.
  • Accepted abstracts will be published as full article by ESOINDIA if full manuscript is submitted with a nominal publication fee.
  • There will be opportunity to interact directly with International Experts and National Experts of International repute.
  • ESOINDIA is also co-ordinating with many centres of Excellence and Universities across the world to send best paper presenters as visitors / observers / trainees and fellows. This is applicable to all categories.
  • There will be invited lectures on the Theme of the conference: “Opportunities available for upper GI Training and feasibility of Research with International Collaboration”.

The event is jointly organised by ESOINDIA and SRMC & RI. Kindly register and join us in large numbers, for this “Never before- Never after “ Event!

“Share your Work,
Learn from Experts
Utilise this golden opportunity”

We are in the process of forming individual committees and confirmation from National and International Experts. We will keep you updated.

See you all in Chennai, India.
Prof. S M. Chandramohan
Founder and President